The Return of a Legend
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Singapore - December 19, 2014

After a period of turbulence and uncertainty, Titan CS:GO returns to its core. Following prolonged deliberations, it is with great pleasure that we can now announce our new CS:GO fifth, Cédric “RpK” Guipouy.


« I’m sure that my comeback may surprise some, but after two years away from the game I return fully determined to pick up where I left off.

I’ve been following the scene from a distance, and I am pleasantly surprised by its growth and development. After being approached by Titan and following a long talk with Jérôme, I took a few hours to reflect on the decision, after which I decided to launch the game and jump into a deathmatch. I immediately had a good experience and the overall game play seemed better than I remembered it, with new features like skins or the interface to follow major tournaments like DreamHack already adding real value to the game. In starting to play again it felt as if rediscovering CS, and that motivation helped me find my form quite quickly.

I still have much to work on, especially on the tactical side of things, but I am already looking forward to facing the big powerhouses of today’s CSGO scene.

I would like to thank my teammates in Titan for giving me this comeback opportunity. The "TANK" is as good as new, but it’s still going to need a little practice to reach its peak efficiency :D »
- Cédric “RpK” Guipouy




« The comeback of a player such as RpK is in and of itself a great source of joy, made even better by the fact that we will now be able to move forward again as a team.

I reached out to Cédric because I was set on taking a full month to weigh up all alternatives, and it was now or never to consider an option such as his return. However, there were too many unknowns to allow us to be too enthusiastic, so in parallel with this route we also favored the option of exploring new talent outside the network of known players. I was very surprised by some of these players, and I know that we will see the emergence of some talented new players in the coming months.

In the end, however, Cedric managed to convince us that he could bring what we were looking for, with the added bonus of him having a fresh take on the game as well as the advantage of past experiences with everyone in the team.

After a difficult year, this comeback feels like a new beginning. The road ahead of us may not be clearly mapped out yet, but I know that I can rely on a united group of players, all of whom I trust to give this team the means to make 2015 a much better year. » - Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries


The team now heads off into a much needed holiday period, regrouping for an energized start to next year’s CS:GO season.

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Posted on 2014/12/23 - 19:15
Exciting News!
Posted on 2014/12/23 - 19:19
Welcome back!
Posted on 2014/12/23 - 19:25
Titan is back :)
#4 Stonz
Posted on 2014/12/23 - 19:30
Posted on 2014/12/23 - 20:25
you need scream :(
Posted on 2014/12/23 - 20:41
#7 DeraxZ
Posted on 2014/12/23 - 21:49
Well that was not expected. Welcome back and GL in Titan!
Posted on 2014/12/23 - 22:22
Posted on 2015/01/09 - 01:44
I thought scream will be back. Guess not.. Qq
Posted on 2015/03/26 - 14:40
Replace RPK for ScreaM and GG Titan possible win major. =D