SMITE Adventure Ends

Singapore – January 12, 2016

Today we say goodbye to a much beloved part of the Titan family: our SMITE division.

Since joining Titan in December 2014, the team has gone through both lineup and role changes, as well as achieved some amazing results finishing 2nd in the 2015 SMITE World Championship.


(image courtesy of HiRez)


The departure from Titan also signals the end of the current roster, with parts of the Thomas "Repikas" Skallebaek, Nicklas "Brotuz" Petersen, Nate "Ataraxia" Mark, Emil "PrettyPriMe" Edström and Andreas "KanyeLife" Christmansson lineup going their separate ways.

« We've had a really great year with Titan, and while it's with a heavy heart that we part ways, not only with the organisation but with each other as well, it has been a fantastic year with no regrets. I wish all the best to the wonderful people at Titan, as well as my teammates who I had the pleasure to share such an amazing year with; I know they'll all go on to great things. » - Nate "Ataraxia" Mark

We are sure the players all have bright futures ahead of them, and look forward to their individual announcements once they’ve settled in with their new homes.

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Posted on 2016/01/17 - 00:20
i am a very big Titan fan. i have watched most of your games and have been rooting for you since chalengers cup ( im not sure :D ) .you are my favorite team of all time. kanyelife i like to call him the best supp EU :D. Confrey i like to call the person that got me into smite AGAIN . those are the titan players that i have talked to and im proud of that :D. i wuold love to talk with other team members but when the team is gone ... im really waiting to see either a new roster or that team members would find a new team. ty for the good experiences :D. dofke121 (smite acc :D )
Posted on 2016/01/18 - 20:06
Iam a of gamer because of The Titan smite team and can only say thank you so much for the inspiration. I have since given up on smite after the summer but started CSGO and I'm very sad that the team that inspired me to follow my dreams of exports is now gone antaraxia will be my favorite smite player of all time. As I say it in near tears thank you for helping me realize what I want to do with my life.
Posted on 2016/02/04 - 15:25
Posted on 2016/02/04 - 15:26
yours team awsome!