DreamHack Cluj-Napoca Giveaway


When you buy stickers you support our team, and we want to reward that. As a result we’re doing a special DreamHack Cluj-Napoca giveaway, starting today!


The instructions are simple:

- Go on either our Twitter or Facebook page

- Go on either Sennheiser's Twitter or Facebook page

- Like/follow

- Share one in-game screenshot of a weapon with 2 stickers: 1 autograph from your favorite Titan player and 1 DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 Titan sticker

- If you share your entry on twitter, tag @titanorg

- Done!

The prizes?

- 1 lucky winner will receive a signed Titan jersey 

- 1 equally lucky winners will receive CS:GO Militia pin  

- And for 1 grand winner: a signed black Sennheiser GAME ZERO headset!


The winners will be drawn on Tuesday November 3rd.  

DISCLAIMER: The grand winner will have to supply a steam inventory link for screenshot verification - You are only eligible to compete using images that belong to you.






Some of the entries so far:


Sennheiser GAME ZERO black headset
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